Saturday, July 31, 2010

Unlit "highways," sticky, hot summer weather, 1,000+ miles away from the places and people love

ow that I am away from the Delta (currently on a brief visit out of state)and everything in the title, and left out by the limitations of the title, all i want to run back to it all. I am the proud resident of 5225 Moon Lake Road, Dundee, Mississippi 38626. This residency is actually a refinished barn located right on the Moon Lake! I have 4 lovely roommates, a dock, a portiocny (porch / patio / balcony), a garden and so much more to look forward to when I return to this new address of mine. I must admit, I am in a bit of a mixed state of emotions over all of this. I am so excited for the next 2 years, I am missing a lot about being a college student in New York, and I am missing the easy commute around my New England states to some of our country's most beautiful locations. What trips me up the most, it probably the fact that I really and in love with the fact that the unlit "highways" make me feel like a tiny speck of dust under the most enormous starry night sky. That I love the sticky, hot summer weather that still somehow does not deter my neighbors from making friends with my roommates and myself. That although I am 1,000+ miles away from the places and people love, I know I'll still be able to keep in touch and bring some of them to the Delta and a whole lot of the Delta and the people of the Delta back to these old familiar people and places in NY and New England.

There is a magic here, a certain mystery and excitement in the slow rhythm of life here. Admittedly the state of Mississippi (an many parts of the South) still has a lot that isn't so great (without naming specifics) ingrained in its culture, but there is just as much that is really great. When one is forced to life life a little slower, a little more organically, a little less reliant on technology, and a little bit rustically a lot is learned about the self. I have already learned so much. For example, I have learned how to kayak on my little Moon Lake in replacement of TV watching. I have learned how to "yes ma'am" my way around convincingly enough to make pleasant conversation with locals and even a few friends.

I've appreciated being in darkness and daylight in a whole new way. The nights are darker than anything I've ever seen...even darker than the inside of my eyelids I could swear. The brightest days are not blindingly bright, but bright enough to eradicate just about every shadow lurking about in the fields. The weather is both a chore and a blessing. Smooth, steady rhythms push their way through the thick air to make it into my ears and then don't stop until they are tapping on my soul. Sweating it out at an outdoor performance quickly becomes a labor of love, instead of an inconvenience at times like this. The many miles of space between myself and the many new friends I've made only makes the Delta feel smaller. I know this doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but try to think of it this way. The Delta is said to have approximately 200+ mile radius. I know people who are living and teaching at the top, middle, and bottom of this area. Each town and community in the Delta is very similar, but secretly very different (only insider's who've paid their dues, warmed up to locals, or discovered for themselves know this). We all share via our generation's various technological gateways of communication positive negative and just pain silly experiences quite often. So, at the end of a weekend, I feel as though I have not only been all over the Delta, but I know what is going on where, with who, and why. Distance is only a limitation and a divider if you are willing to let it be. The Delta has already taught me this, too!

I am in solid like with the Delta, maybe on my way to love. If it wrote me a note asking me to prom, I'd for sure check yes though.

And, not because she requested it, but because I truly miss her and all of lovely witticisms and general outlook on life...LYNN I missssss youuuuuuu and I hope new apt. and YPFP are treating you well!

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